Why So Many People Feel Unworthy

How would you describe the color blue?

Really, please think about it for just a moment.

Did you think of the bright blue sky? The deep dark ocean? An electric blue neon sign? Someone’s sparkly eyes?

Does blue have a smell? A sound? A taste? A feel?

Do you think you covered all of what blue is? Do you think you ever could?

Every human thinks they are unworthy at times and it is no wonder why. If we try to describe who we are and how valuable we are with words we will always fall short. There is no possible way to capture your essence in any words. Just as you cannot describe the magnificence of blue in words, the same is true with YOU!

When you stop trying to contain your essence in words, labels, titles, roles, etc. you will start to feel in to the fact that you are more than you could ever say! And maybe, just maybe, those feelings of unworthiness go away…

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