Why NOT Now?

An incredibly hard-working, over achieving woman shared her dream of studying Shakespeare with me. I watched her eyes sparkle. I felt her get lighter. I could see her go off in some imaginary land that I wanted to instantly be a part of.

“When do you start?” I asked.

“In ten years, once I retire.” She explained her plan with conviction.

“Why not now?” I asked.

“Well, how could I possibly make time for studying when I have all this work to do?” she said matter-of-factly.

“Hmm. Can you tell me again why not now?” I asked.

She smiled and her pearl started to shine. She saw how she was using work as an unnecessary obstacle to her dream. She then started to look at how she could fit it in her schedule and even brainstormed when she could go to London!

As Shakespeare says “Present fears are less than horrible imaginings”.

What is it you dream of in your life?

What obstacles have you created?

Now what? And I sure hope it is that you take one small step towards what is in your heart.

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