Who Is The STRONG One In Your Life?

Years ago, JD had open-heart surgery.  The doctors took his heart out of his body and kept it running through a machine for 287 minutes!  287 minutes!?!  I still can’t even believe the brilliance of the human mind to come up with this idea AND make it happen!!!  Fortunately, the surgery was a success and JD is stronger than ever.  
For those of you who are just getting to know me, JD is technically my step-father.  More aptly put, JD is the man who raised me with my incredibly amazing mama.  Since society doesn’t have a word for everything he means to me, I choose to call him JD.
JD chose in to a fairly complicated, and sometimes dangerous, scenario because of his love for my mama.  He was, and still is, a big part of the stability in my life.  He has been my rock.  (My mama is also my rock though I will save that for another day).  
When JD went in to surgery this rocked my world.  Here was this man who had been my family’s rock who was now delicate and fragile.  I had only seen JD as strong so when he now needed help I did not know what to think or how to feel.  How could the strongest person I know be so vulnerable?
Then it hit me.  JD is human.  I had put this man on a pedestal and never gave him the dignity of being anything other than strong.  With that realization, it allowed me to see him more fully.  To see that he has fears just like me.  To see that he needs love just like me.  It allowed me to show up and be his rock in times of need.
My invitation to you today is to look around and see who you have labeled the strong one in your life. 
Are you allowing them to be human?
Are you giving them the love and support they need?  
The reality is we are all human.  We all need love and support at different times.  Even the strong ones.  The ones who do not show their vulnerability.  The ones who do not ask for help for whatever their reasons.  Can you be the one to shuck open their shell with love?

Then the question is, is that strong one YOU?  
Are YOU allowing yourself to be human?  
Are YOU asking for the love and support you need?
You are human.  It is okay to be loved and supported at different times.  And, you can still be strong.  Maybe, just maybe, that is what even makes you stronger.
I’d love to hear what this brings forward for you so please send me an e-mail.