What are your SOUL GOALS?

One of my SOUL GOALS is seeing the world. Here I am in Costa Rica!

This is not your typical e-mail about setting goals for the new year. This is about setting the right goals – or, as I like to call them, SOUL GOALS.

Let me explain.

A beautiful pearl came to explore coaching with me who was not really sparkling. I could see she was stuck in her shell and she thought money was her way out. (NOTE: Really LOVE is the only thing that shucks ones’ shell open, but sometimes that is hard for people to see when they are in the darkness of the shell.)

I got curious with her in the way that I do and asked her…

  • How do you see money solving your problems?
  • How much money will be enough?
  • What does having all that money mean to you? About you?
  • What will you be losing out on if you work even harder to reach your financial goals?

She was so set on money being the answer to everything, the questions didn’t quite crack her shell open. She was not ready to see there may be something else to make her happier. I helped her layout her plan on how to achieve her financial goals and off she went.

Six months later, she came back to me and told me the plan worked. She knocked it out of the park growing her business beyond anything she could have dreamed of. Except there was one problem, she was still not happy. There was an emptiness inside of her. She was now ready to shuck.

For the next year, we worked together to uncover her real goals, her SOUL GOALS. What she really, really, really wanted was to be a mother with a partner she loved. She was just too scared to admit it.

Through our time together, she uncovered that she felt unlovable and thought if she really went for what she wanted, she would fail and only affirm how unlovable she was. She knew how to make money. She didn’t know how to let someone in her life to love her.

We worked on flipping her script with a variety of tools…

  • AFFIRMATION: She repeated an affirmation daily. “I am lovable just the way I am and the world is reflecting that love back to me in the most unexpected ways”.
  • JUDGEMENT TRACKING: She tracked her judgements and learned how to question them and change them into a more supportive script.
  • FOCUS: Every day she had to write three reasons she was lovable – even if she didn’t believe it quite yet.

I’d love to tell you she found her person right away, but she didn’t. It took time. It took patience. It took trust. And, all of that was so much easier because she was on her soul’s path. All the waiting and wishing was for something she REALLY wanted as opposed to something society taught her to go for.

As you start this new year, I invite you to reflect on these questions…

  1. What are my goals? Which ones are coming from my soul?
  2. Where could you give yourself permission to live more of the life you are meant to be living?
  3. What is one change that only you could make, that would change everything this year?

If you’d like help exploring these questions please let me know. We can set up time for a powerful 1:1 coaching session or you can join my retreat in January. Link below.

May your holidays be as sparkly as your pearl!