When was the last time you shellabrated YOU?  Really, really shellabrated you?

So many of us have been taught that sharing our accomplishments make us arrogant, conceited, or makes someone else feel small.  This is such a shame because it encourages so many of us to dim our sparkly pearls.

What we focus on grows.  If we are not talking about all the incredible things we have done in our life, they get diminished, or even worse, forgotten.  It is no wonder people have a hard time taking inspired action in the direction of their dreams.  If they have forgotten all the things they have accomplished, what they want to go for may seem even more challenging.  

Just think how different it would be to go for your dreams if you remember all your success and acknowledge all your gifts and talents?!?  

I invite you to take a moment and list out 10 successes you had this past week, this past year, and in your lifetime.  Take note of how you feel.  Ride that wave of emotion and now make one commitment to yourself to act on something that matters to you today.    

Jessica, Please send your successes my way.  I’d LOVE to shellabrate with you! 

Now, it is time for you to do this for someone else.  Send this to the people you love so you can encourage them to shine their pearl too!