This ONE Thing Has Been My EVERYTHING!!!

In the spirit of the holidays, I had to share that I just received one of the BEST gifts I could have ever hoped for outside of the peace, love, happiness and health for all – pictures from my childhood!
During my parents’ divorce, my father took all of our pictures and in a strange way, it felt like my childhood been stolen from me.  My memories.  My innocence.  My everything.  
This week – 35 years later – I got my childhood back.  I can see, and feel, the joy in my eyes.  I can see, and feel, the bond between my mother, brother, and me.  I can see, and feel, the love.
I am still unraveling all the emotions though there is one thing I want to share with you today.  Because of this, pictures have been my EVERYTHING.  I never realized that until just now.
As far back as I can remember I have loved taking pictures.  I have shared my pictures with people to share my stories and a part of me.  I got my mom one of the first digital cameras because pictures were so important to me.  I have created photo albums every year for my niece and nephew so they could have their memories.  I made Steve sort through thousands of pictures to give his kids their memories for Christmas this year.  I have even started a collection of videos for Steve’s grandchildren so they could have memories of him forever too.
Sometimes what was missing in our lives is what creates our passion today.  One of my clients never had anyone advocating for her as she grew up.  She has dedicated her life to mentoring women to be their advocates.  Another client felt unloved as a child so being a mother has been her lifelong dream.  Another client never had anyone accepting his sexuality and has now created communities of love and acceptance for all!  
I imagine each one of you has something similar in your life.  What in your life has been influenced by something that might have been missing?  
Please send me a note so I can hear what your EVERYTHING is!!!