The Power of Community

The Shucktacular Deep Thinkers Coaching Group

A lack of community is worse than smoking two packs of cigarettes a day! Can you believe it?

It can be hard making friends and being in community.

It takes courage to meet new people. It takes time to foster friendships. You have to, yes, get out of your shell 😬

You’ll never guess that I am more of an introvert and can easily hide in my shell too. (Hello solo adventures in my Shuck Truck!!!) I have to consciously get involved to be in community.

Here are some ideas if you are anything like me too:
🏓 start playing pickleball – it is for all ages and all skill levels and you’ll surely meet my mom since she plays about six hours a day
🏺 take a pottery class (or really any kind of class). It is where I met my dearest friends, Simon and Lydia, who are now family
🚴‍♀️ sign up for a bike ride (or other fitness challenge) that has group trainings. The Million Dollar Challenge with the Challenged Athletes Foundation built the foundation of my community in San Diego
💜 volunteer – such a great filter for meeting people that have a big heart

Building community is also the reason I am hosting a retreat in January in San Diego. Transformational work attracts people who are committed to breaking through their fears to live their best life. People who are open to learning and sharing from the heart. You may start as strangers and leave as family!

Are you looking to meet new people like you?

Are you craving change in the new year and want support to do it?

Rest in Paradise is for YOU!!! We will focus on letting go of the old to make room for the new with most magical souls I know!!!

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