The Day No One Showed Up

This week I was teaching at Rancho La Puerta which is a magical wellness resort and spa just over the border in Tecate, Mexico.  Nestled in a valley next to Mt. Kuchumaa, said to have special healing powers, I found myself relaxing in to the beauty and expansiveness of life, especially as I watched the sunrise from the top of the mountain every morning.
I was told there were only 16 guests, when there are normally 150, which meant class sizes would be small.  They were worried I might not want to come with such a small group.  I, on the other hand, was thinking just the opposite.  I will get to be in such a special place and not have to worry about serving too many people.  While I LOVE serving people, it takes a lot of time and energy.  I knew I needed some time for me and I was going to take this opportunity to restore.  What a gift!  (This goes to show you how everyone has different perspectives.)
The first four classes were absolutely wonderful!  I took between six and eight of them on a journey inside their heart to bring forward their desires, change any mindsets holding them back, and determine how to take inspired action in the direction of their dreams.  The insights were powerful.  The questions were thoughtful.  The shifts were life changing.  Or so I thought.
The fifth, and final, class I showed up excited to help them integrate these new ideas in their life.  The clock read 2:15 pm and no one was there.  Hmmm.  They must be late I thought, knowing everyone had showed up on time every day before.  2:17 pm no one.  2:23 pm no one. 
My heart hurt and so did my ego.  Sure, it sucked that I had spent all that time preparing.  But more so, I thought I had really helped these beautiful souls yet no one showed up.  I felt rejected.  I felt dejected. 
Thoughts flooded through my mind.  Did they not like the class?  Did I offend someone?  Did I really read the room that wrong?  Was it my sweating profusely the day before that scared them off?  (Oh yeah, the air conditioner was not working the day before so I was teaching in 82 degrees with sweat literally dripping down my legs.  Lovely.) 
Then I stopped.  I looked at my thoughts and consciously chose new thoughts.  I chose to remember they had done a lot of transformational work already this week and maybe, just maybe, they wanted to take a day to just relax.  I know the work I do with people is not easy even if it is rewarding.  I chose to think how fun aerial yoga sounded for me and it was at the same time.  I chose to see this as exactly what it was supposed to be.  I chose to think it was nothing personal.   
Five years ago something like this would have crushed me and wrecked the rest of my time in this enchanted place.  I did not know how empowered I was to change my experience by changing my thoughts.  Instead of being completely heartbroken (sure, there was still some), I walked away feeling better than I ever would have expected.  Changing my thoughts changed EVERYTHING for me. 
Then, one by one, each one of the people that had been in class with me found me to share why they had not been able to join.  One person had the wrong time.  One person had a spa treatment that could only be done at that time.  Another said they had too much to process from our earlier work.  Another said their mind needed a day off.  The others wanted to try aerial yoga.  And, none of it was personal.
 Where in your life could you change your thoughts to help you feel better?
 Where in your life are you taking something personal that may not be? 
 Where in your life might you put yourself out there a bit more knowing you are still shucktacular even if no one shows up?
Let me know.  I always love hearing from you.
With love,