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How to Show Up in Uncertainty with Jonathon Collopy of the YMCA

Learn how to shuck uncertainty with strength and confidence using these tools and techniques.


Be Well:Living An Intentional Life with Jonathon Collopy of the YMCA

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A self help guide to shuck open your shell of fear and using love to shine even more!

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In this episode, we’ll cover:
• How your mindset is where the power to change your life lies
• Why it is important to be authentic instead of just positive
• How to slow down to live an intentional life
• Why celebrating your accomplishments matter
• How simplifying your life can actually expand it

The Scrappy Entrepreneur

In this episode, we’ll cover:
• How limiting beliefs hold you back from life
• A new way to look at failure to make it work for you
• Asking for help to grow your business
• Modeling an intentional life for your organization
• Using visualization to slow down and create what you want
• Why love is the best strategy for any organization

Sales POP!

In this episode, we’ll cover:
• how to break your limitations
• tailoring both your personal and business life according to your dreams

Voices of the Ranch

In this episode, we’ll cover:
• what shucking is all about
• how you can shape your beliefs to justify anything
• coming to acceptance with the grit of life for greater empathy and empowerment
• knowing your story does not define you
• why happiness is not my goal
• a couple tools you can use today to change your life


In this episode, we’ll cover:
• How to work with your emotions in a healthy way (and avoid the embarrassment I have lived)
• What publishing a book was like for a recovering perfectionist
• My favorite shucking phrases
• Why the world does not need competition
• Making sure your priorities are determined by your heart
• How fear drove me to chase money and chained me to a career I never loved
• Using my grit to shine

Ignite Your Life

In this episode, we’ll cover:
• Get outside of your shell to tap into your creativity
• Creativity is unlearned which means you can relearn it
• How your imagination limits you
• Breaking down your big dreams to achievable steps to propel you forward
• Living a life by design rather than default

The Vendor’s Daughter

In this episode, we’ll cover:
• what it looks like to redefine your relationship with money
• why you need to define your definition of success rather than let someone else define it for you
• why we need to carefully examine the roles we play and decide if they are our authentic selves or labels we hide behind
• what it looks like to switch from fear-based thinking to love-based thinking
• why we need to stop being busy and start taking actions that have positive effects on our lives

Be Well with the YMCA

In this episode, we’ll cover:
• Aligning your mind, body, and soul to live your best life
• Slow down to tune in to your heart
• Create mindsets that will support you in all you do
• Taking inspired action in the direction of your dream

Be Well with the YMCA

In this episode, we’ll cover:
• Why uncertainty is so challenging
• Letting go of expectations to move from disappointment
• How life’s challenges magnify the opportunities we have to grow — if we are willing to see them
• Finding the gifts in our grit
• Giving yourself permission to be human

Love Talk Live

In this episode, we’ll cover:
• how the grit in life is related to creating meaningful relationships
• the keys to having a successful relationship
• one thing you can do today to make your relationship and life better


I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s figure out what shucking you open with love could look like.