Shuck This Way to Help Your Holidays

I love, love, love the spirit of the holidays. My nose is titillated smelling all the smells like fresh pine needles or cinnamon simmering on the stove. My eyes are dazzled with all the decorations and lights. My belly explodes, both in joy and size, with all the memorable meals and my favorite holiday treats. My heart overflows with gratitude knowing how blessed I am.

For some, the holidays are a totally different experience. Some may be missing loved ones, having a family issue, not sure how they will eat, or so many more reasons making it hard to find joy in this time of year. If that is you Jessica, please let me know so I can send some of my love your way.

For everyone, the holidays are a great time to shuck! Yes, being with family, even the ones you love dearly, is one of the greatest places for it to be revealed what you still need to heal. It is a time to practice using love over fear. That is what shucking is all about – finding out when and why you close your shell so you can open it with love to shine your pearl. Because when you shine your pearl, the whole world is brighter!

This holiday season I invite you to try shucking…

1. Notice when you are triggered or have an emotional upset.
EXAMPLE: My cousin is always bossing everyone around at our family dinner.

2. Take a deep breath. You can even excuse yourself if need be.

3. What is upsetting you and why?
EXAMPLE: I never get to do my gratitude ceremony that I love.

4. What is this telling you about you and your life?
EXAMPLE: I have never really asked anyone to do the gratitude ceremony. I am always afraid to ask for what I want as not to bother anyone. I see how I do this in other parts of my life too.

5. Is there any action you want to commit to with this insight?
EXAMPLE: I am going to ask everyone to do the gratitude ceremony to practice asking for what I want.

6. Express gratitude for the teacher and your learnings.
Please note this does not necessarily mean you condone someone’s behavior. This is more about your healing and growth.

I’d love to hear any shucking secrets on how you get through the holidays.