People I’ve shucked


Lee Lucca

Founder FINA Resources

Approaching the weekend as a fun way to set some New Year’s resolutions,

I left with full-on life intentions, joyful and with endearing admiration for the broadness of the human spirit and profound gratitude for life itself.

Jessica so delicately and confidently pulls out the very best in each unique soul. What a gift, and what a blessing. I am forever grateful!

Alyse Dunn

Founder and CEO of CareCopilot

1:1 Coaching

When it comes to coaching, I’m generally pretty apprehensive. As a BlPOC woman, I’m particularly apprehensive about receiving coaching from anyone who I don’t share an ethnic identity with. All that said, I gave Jessica a chance, and I’m seriously really glad that I did. We spent our time together talking about business, relationships, and more.

In just one session with Jessica, I was able to let go of a particularly harmful narrative that I had about my business, and what the success or failure of that business meant about the ‘success’ or ‘failure’ of me as a person.

Insights like that don’t come easily. I’m a big believer in clinical therapy, and I got more out of that one session than I’ve gotten from weeks of sessions with licensed therapists. I’d strongly recommend scheduling some time with Jessica to see what she can unlock for you.  

Rachel McCann

Jazz Musician

Group Coaching

I was not expecting the first shucking meeting to have such a strong underlying energetic component. The things that were said and the positive emotions that underlay them were terrific, but I thought at the moment that all I got from them was a good feeling and a little clarity about it all. Yet– the next day, the kind of things started happening that happen after an energy healing, when your physical body and all your energetic bodies are doing behind-the-scenes work.

The next day, I was driving to an appointment and listening to a jazz playlist that had 4 of my songs on it. And for the first time in over a year, I sang along with it, remembered the person I was when I sang that song, and felt like I was that person. (I purposely shut down my music self 3-4 years earlier for other reasons.)

Then I went to the appointment and on the way back, my mind started moving to a second album I’d once wanted to make, picking out likely songs and even working out a couple of problem lyrics on the drive. That evening I emailed a producer and this morning we set a date to start on it in just over a week.

I didn’t even know I still wanted to do that album!

Anyway — I just wanted you to know, if you didn’t already, that

You’re something of a miracle worker. I didn’t expect results this fast!!

Thank you!

Berkeley Cavignac

Creative Operations at Peacock

1:1 Coaching
I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica through my dad. It was at a time in my life when I felt lost, unmotivated, and uncomfortable in my own skin. I doubted my value as an employee and didn’t believe I was worthy of a bigger income. My self-esteem had vanished and the once confident person I was felt like a distant stranger.

She pushed me to take risks, step outside my comfort zone, and lean into the unknown.

I had never worked with a life coach before; I had no idea what to expect. However, after one year of coaching sessions with Jess, I couldn’t recommend her services more. I just started a new job making a significantly higher salary and am starting to feel in control of my finances. I feel back to my old self and am hopeful for what’s to come in the future.

It’s because Jess is magic. She listened to me, she laughed with me, she was patient when I had breakdowns, but most importantly, she showed me tough love.

I’m proud to not only call Jess my mentor, but a dear friend. Our work together has opened my eyes to opportunities I was avoiding because of fear. I can guarantee if you put in the time, your efforts will be rewarded. I’m so grateful she came into my life and shucked my shell open!

Tony Simons

Lewis G. Schaeneman Jr. Professor of Innovation & Dynamic Management of Cornell University

I attended Jessica’s story shucking workshop with a potential business associate I had just met (after some correspondence). She told her stories, and then invited us to find someone in the room to share some vulnerable stories with. Because of the safety that Jessica created, I decided to go for it and use the opportunity to build relationship. I shared a story of some students I had recently been unable to reach, and how much that broke my heart. He shared a story of self-doubt regarding his lack of academic credentials (note this was someone of very considerable achievement and skill). I honestly described my deep respect for him.”

The development of our relationship was profoundly accelerated by the intimacy that Jessica invited by her skillful creation of a safe context.

Cassandra Doherty

Magic Maker for you

Group Coaching

Thank you so much for including me in the group coaching, I am so grateful! It was just a lovely dose of magic and to see how your shucking is helping so many others (which I already knew but lovely to see).

You bring so much radiance and magic with you and I feel so blessed to be in it. 

Thank you for being you and opening these doors to a new world.

Stephanie Losee

Head of Brand & Communications at Nova Credit

1:1 Coaching

“Jessica Zemple is one of my most trusted mentors. I have sought her counsel several times to help me push past carrier boundaries—many of which, she has taught me, lie within me. She has helped me recognize and address those interior barriers.

It’s very empowering to understand which beliefs you have that may be holding you back, and to receive concrete advice about how to address them.

Jessica is positive, but not Pollyanna. She is simply right. We do need to open to reveal the pearl buried deeply within. I might add that Jessica’s advice not only helped me to move forward in my professional life, it helped me break through in my personal life. I am now engaged to the man Jessica promised was out there, if only I believed I deserved him. Shuck yeah!”

Wendy Jones

Communications Strategist and Writer

Group Coaching

“If you need a good shuck, look no further. Jessica is great at helping us discover the ways we’re (often unknowingly) holding ourselves back.

I left her workshop seeing new possibilities for my life and taking action to make the positive changes I had envisioned.

Shuck Your Heart Out is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself.”

Jillian Christi

Founder of Venture Alchemy


“I wanted to take a minute to let you know just how valuable and incredibly impactful your Find Your Freedom session was on the 4th of July for the Summit Institute!

I witnessed community building, support, a whole lot of letting go, release and brave vulnerability in just that one session.

It was beautiful and welcomed by all. Everyone dropped in deeply with each other as you perfectly primed and framed the weekend for more open hearts, minds and connection!

Thank you for sharing your story and talents with us and we absolutely can’t wait to work with you and just see you again soon!”

Vince Glorioso

Executive Director at the YMCA of San Diego


“This was an entirely different development experience than anything I’ve been a part of in the YMCA of San Diego County. The Life Shucker program didn’t ask us to create action plans and strategic priorities for more efficient business systems. It asked us to connect with ourselves and with a way of leading. A great value I found in the program was the ability to work so closely with my peers. Often, we attend meetings together but work in silos for reaching our goals, running our operations and leading our staff. Life Shucker brought us together to address our personal characteristics as leaders and to explore how we can create a culture in the organization which values the individual and takes perspective on critical elements of purpose, balance, creativity, and more.

The foundation of our learning was based on being our authentic selves and that really showed up in all our sessions. It was fulfilling to open up and share some things about myself and to learn personal things about the other leaders.

“This isn’t always easy for me, but Jessica made it very comfortable to open up. These shared experiences brought us closer, with a genuine desire to understand each other and work closer together. I also found the individual coaching very valuable. I took away 3 clear principles which I’m working to apply to my life – being more aware of the present moment, acting on inspiration and taking the time to celebrate successes. These actions have been helping me to show my appreciation and develop stronger relationships.

While it was a significant commitment to complete the full day workshops, coaching and outside calls/meetings/projects over a 9 month period, I believe the depth we could go with time and consistency over the length of 9 months made this program something which will stay with us.

I want to sincerely thank you, Jessica, for providing such a wonderful experience. You’ve clearly poured your heart into creating this program for the benefit of every person involved. The content was so well thought out and prepared and your delivery made all the difference. You’re a model of all you teach and that’s what makes it so easy to be a part of.”

Charmaine Carter

Chief Operating Officer at the YMCA of San Diego

1:1 Coaching

“Jessica Zemple is one of the most skilled and amazing coaches I’ve ever had the experience to work with, she is a true master of her craft. The journey with her as my coach over the past 18 months has been life-changing as she has helped me to take on and transform several areas of my life on both a personal and professional level.

Jessica has helped me work through many belief systems I developed over the course of my life that were holding me back from reaching my fullest potential. One by one we are shucking them away, helping me reach the beautiful pearls that are inside me.

Because of my coaching with Jessica, I have strengthened my leadership skills which is making a huge difference in our organization. In addition, Jessica has led our senior executive retreats and is also coaching additional executive leaders in our organization. She has assisted me in creating a culture of strong, empowered and confident leaders that has helped our organization attain new levels of success.

There is nothing more professionally gratifying than to see our team develop and soar which is resulting in a thriving culture that is achieving incredible business outcomes. Thank you Jessica for supporting our journey!”

Brian Bozeman

Founder of PCH Consultants

Group Coaching

“I recently had the pleasure of working alongside Jessica in taking a deeper look at my life journey while taking her course Shuck Your Heart Out. During this experience I was able to learn to feel empowered to lead my life purpose. I learned how to do this through tools, teachings and life experience Jessica shared throughout this 8-week course.

She truly was able to create an astrosphere that myself and others in this course felt at ease to share our truths about ourselves. This allowed for us to be able to build trust and start the work we need to, to start moving forward in our personal journey.

Since completing this course, I have used Jessica’s teachings to help me start my new business. I have more confidence in my skills and abilities to start this new chapter in life. This course also gave me an opportunity to see what success means to me and have a healthier relationship with my emotions. I am grateful that life afforded me this opportunity and blessed for where my new journey is taking me.”

Elise Vukosav

Mother and Instagram Influencer

1:1 Coaching

“I have been so fortunate to call Jessica my Life Shucking Coach and watch my perspective— and in turn, my life—magnificently transform. It is with confidence I say that every session with her is deeply enriching and an incredible conduit for growth. Encouraged by Jessica, I have undoubtedly found countless new inner pearls and shucked away many parts of my life that failed to serve me, and I am so much better for it.

Jessica’s coaching is magic, her positive points of view, contagious, and not only is she an incredible coach, but now a cherished friend.

It is with wholehearted sincerity that I recommend Jessica to anyone needing a good shucking. She is an “energy ninja” and will help dissolve any and all perceived obstacles holding you back from accomplishing your dreams. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get shucked!”

Kathy Roth-Douquet

CEO of Blue Star Families and Senior Advisor of Summit Institute


“Jessica Zemple is an outstanding and talented presenter. She is able to make an instant and genuine connection with a large group of people, and engage people in thoughtful, trust-building, and meaningful conversations that lead to both personal development for the attendees and strong bonding for the group.

I have worked with Jessica on multiple occasions in structured gatherings convened by the Summit Institute.”

We have engaged Jessica to help begin weekend retreats, and have received rave reviews from participants about how Jessica’s ‘life shucker” philosophy has helped them to open up, be receptive and responsive to others, to relax and feel trust and valued.

Her sessions have contributed significantly to the overall success of our gatherings by created a tone and atmosphere of honesty, respect and caring. I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica and her program.”

Melissa Haala

Preschool Teacher

Group Coaching

“This class is the best thing I’ve done for myself…EVER! It was hard work and incredibly emotional, but so rewarding to let go of the emotional baggage I’d been carrying around. Jessica is an amazing leader and listener. She is validating and encouraging. The weekly group meetings were informative and educational, but more importantly, they were filled with love and support. I miss them! Through this class I gained valuable tools to help me face any challenges that come my way!”

Mike Ferretti

CEO at Great Harvest Bread Company

1:1 Coaching

“I have worked with Jessica for a number of years. Going into this I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew I needed a sounding board as a long-time mentor had retired. My experience has been transformational. Jessica has changed me for the better.

From the start I have grown as a person, leader and thinker. I have been able to listen and see things differently.

Now our sessions pretty much start where we used to take a while to get to because of that shift. I am much more clear and positive. The days full of problems are no more. I now see and think of things from a very different perspective. One that frees me to be a much more effective manager and fun person. And more at peace.”

Barry Shingle

Program Director at Rancho La Puerta

Group Coaching
“As the program director at Rancho La Puerta, I instituted a weekly inner fitness program for our guests a couple years ago. This daily class gives our guests the tools to enhance their lives on more than just a physical level. Our inner fitness coordinator selects life coaches who have a spiritual component to their practices. This is how I first met Jessica. I interviewed her on our zoom webinar, Voices of the Ranch, and instantly felt a connection. She was the real deal.

She is authentic, accepting and loving. I felt such a strong connection that I signed up for her online group course and after the first session signed up for a second.

The majority of her students signed up for the second as well. Jessica gently gives personal insights and guides her students to awareness and change. I am grateful that Jessica is a part of our inner fitness team and know that our guests will benefit from her sessions. “

Ben Wood

President and CEO at B. Wood Insurance

1:1 Coaching
“Your help over the last year has been nothing short of magical.

I am forever grateful for your helping me shuck the pearl that is deep inside of me.

I bet you haven’t seen anyone have to use a jackhammer and prybar to get toward the pearl but I’m certain it’s in here somewhere. Thank you for all your help with us. I am a lifetime shucker.

Courtney Pendleton

Public Relations and Community Manager for ‎Mission Federal Credit Union

“It’s January 2019. A calendar item comes through my inbox. “Intro to Shuck Your Heart Out?” What the… ?

We learn about this nebulous thing called SHUCKING. “It will be great!” they said. “You will LOVE it!” they said.

Was I happy to be part of this inaugural group of shuckers? Of course. I love being an early adopter.

Did I have any idea what to expect? No! Was I all-in from the beginning? No. But only because I stay true to my “DiSC” profile (I’m a C – generally skeptical, questioning, analytical, etc.).

Overall this 9-month journey we went on together provided some good reminders, and some new tools for each of us in a different way.

Personally, I loved the 1:1 coaching. It helped provide clarity for some work-related items, but it also helped draw me in to things I needed to do at home in particular. Relationships, sure. But on a far less-deep level, it finally got me to take things off my to-do list at home – things that were just taking up extra energy until I crossed them off the list. Like redoing my living room. It might have been an expensive revelation, but I feel better!

Now it’s November 2019/December. The skeptic in me still admittedly has a hard time bringing the “L” world into every touch-point in a work setting. Hey, I’m not a Grinch – just realistic.

For me, you can easily replace the L word with CONNECTION.

Because at the end of the day, those of us Shuckalums have connected on something deeper than solving that one issue or working together on that one project.

We’re Shuckers now. And in a world and workplace that’s becoming more and more disconnected, this is shucking important.”

Blair Cannon

Philanthropist and Wealth Manager

1:1 Coaching
“I retained Jessica’s services at a transitional point in my life that I thought would inevitably lead to tremendous amounts of uncertainty and stress. She helped me to architect a strategy that gave me peace of mind and ultimately led to a long series of positive outcomes beyond my wildest expectations. Along the way, she gave me some tools that I continue to utilize on a daily basis.

I’m beyond grateful for her continued wisdom and guidance.”

Julie Stafford

Chief Underwriting Officer at MagMutual

Group Coaching
“Jessica has the ability to get to the core of any matter, clear confusion and allow me to see my world and others in a new bright way.

Her energy and light positive spirit are a gift and she is wise beyond her years.”

Patrick Moore

Managing Director, Maxim Integrated

1:1 Coaching

“There were several tremendous changes in my life in a very compressed timeframe. With a comfortable, stable, and growing career, and a familiar albeit less than ideal twenty-year marriage, life was ‘progressing’. Although intellectually and physically challenging and stimulating, I was surviving and not thriving in my life. Upon reflection, confidence was low and I begrudgingly opted for familiarity and perceived comfort to meaningful bedrock change.

I have a friend who worked with Jessica years earlier and made a connection. I met with Jessica at his suggestion and completed some of the exercises she suggested. I was shocked by the successes that came quickly from those simple tasks and thought perhaps it was that easy to redirect my energy and turn 49 years around. I disengaged with Jessica following this ‘easy win’ and life progressed, again surviving and not thriving.

Challenges resurfaced. I reached out to Jessica again, this time with the intention of working with her completely and in earnest. This was a struggle, as there is a monetary cost to this work and it was difficult to part with that resource in a challenging time with a scarcity mindset. However, I recall the discussion and the moment of clarity in which the value of the potential positive outcome outweighed the vulnerability of being without the resource (money). Jessica and I agreed to work together.

Work began.

Jessica offered guidance and tools that provided me the opportunity to work this process and uncover and begin to resolve issues new and old. This was not done in constant reflection on the past, but on glances back while focusing primarily on a desired future.

The guided discovery that the capacity for meaningful change and mindset revision already existed within me was revelatory.

The guided realization that a subtle change in direction results in a much better destination was incredible.

I should have known that this journey would follow one of the principles I believe to be true about the nature of things, that change is subtle but compounds over time. But, I didn’t.

Although I had the capacity, I didn’t have the tools nor the guidance and support at the time to get to where I wanted to be.

Am I a completed work now? Absolutely not.

Am I a better version of my previous self? Absolutely.

Will I continue to work with Jessica in the future when the opportunity is presented? Yes, absolutely.

Do I have a new toolset with which to work on myself with regularity? Yes, and for that, I appreciate Jessica and our time together.”

Simon Goldfine

CEO of Sierra Peaks

1:1 Coaching

Jessica Zemple is a talented business leader and insightful coach. My one-on-one sessions with her provide valuable business insight, an experienced sounding board for thorny problems, all in a deeply supportive environment. Jessica offers emotional honesty, caring accountability, and good humor.

My one-on-one sessions with Jessica provide valuable business insight, an experienced sounding board for thorny problems, all in a deeply supportive environment. Jessica offers emotional honesty, caring accountability, and good humor.

Because of the benefits I’ve derived from working with Jessica, I’ve encouraged my wife and two colleagues to participate in Jessica’s group coaching offering, Shuck Your Heart Out. They have found the group coaching environment to be a safe space to work on important personal and professional issues. They reported back to me that they each made progress on long-standing challenges in their lives. Jessica’s strong group leadership and the expertise and the support of other group members create a nurturing environment where real progress can be made.

Alicia Nelson

Sparkly Soul

1:1 Coaching

Listening to you is always such an inspiration, Jessica! You touched my life in significant ways and I will be forever grateful.

Your guidance, beautiful soul, and KINDNESS is what helped me transition from a dark and confusing time in my life to where I am now.

I am for forever grateful to you.

Stephen Yoo

Mirror for Love

Group Coaching

Thank you for being a part of my transformation.

You played an integral role of what God had planned for me. I hope you will internalize that and realize how HUGE that is!

Daisy Johnson

Nature’s Voice

Group Coaching

Thank you so much! I will miss the group very much. It has been so wonderful and inspiring to get to know everyone’s stories, and learn from them. You have a knack for making the abstract (mental health) concrete. You are also incredibly wonderful at listening between the words that are said to find the truth of the matter!

I don’t know what type of magic this is, but all I know is that being in this program has accelerated a lot of growth in my life!

For me, it was extremely soothing and lifting to be in your energetic presence. Oftentimes, I would feel my heart expand and have the need to write stories from my life afterwards.

After the last session, I have felt my heart open a few more times to riding horses again and perhaps pursuing a PHD in our relationship with nature. Basically, this program has allowed me to dig deeper and find an inner voice, and an inner listening from my heart. What my heart has shown me is a love for a beautiful future for the world and a deep love of animals and children. With these concrete parts of my heart shucked, I hope to help heal the world in one way or another.

Pippa Nixon

Catalyst for Joy

Group Coaching

I’ve been reflecting on your class the past little while and realize that you have delivered so many little gems, intertwined in the delivery and the sharing with my fellow learners that it would be impossible to show enough gratitude!

Please know that I cherish my learning and I believe I will constantly tap into the material as I move through the coming years.

Leanne Blaney

Life Coach

Jessica’s group program was awesome. I loved the interaction between the group, the information given and most of all the wisdom of Jessica.

We had discussions that were so insightful and supportive. Bonds were created that allowed an opening up to feel safe in this group.

I found the program to be an opportunity to take the time for myself, to learn more about myself and others, see the possibilities that life brings us and address what was no longer valuable in my life.

I totally recommend this program for those who want to stop holding themselves back and look forward to a new personal journey of hope and transformation.

Yoni Reinharz

Founder of Paper Fools Media

Thank you Jessica. Your guidance and insight and support, and moreover your intention and energy has been truly healing for me in a time that I really needed it.

Jamie Lin Brown

Autism Mama Coach

I had the incredible privilege of being coached by Jessica and am at a loss of adequate words to convey how meaningful my time was with her!

I’ve spent the majority of my life believing I was quite an “open book,” when in reality, I learned to only share the parts of myself I feel are acceptable and worthy. I didn’t realize how much I had allowed myself to take up residence in my own shell, until I went through Jessica’s Life Shucker course. I’m so grateful for her presence, her wisdom, and her ability to hold space for me and others…it’s truly a gift!

Ann McHugh

Retired Marketing Executive

Group Coaching

“The program was a godsend for me.

I loved the small group size, the thought-provoking guidance, materials and homework, and the camaraderie of the group.

And, of course, Jessica was wonderful in fostering trust, open communication and insightful, lively discussion. I was very pleased. Thanks to Jessica!”


“Shuck Your Heart Out challenged me to truly live my purpose and be the person I am supposed to be both personality and professionally.

Jessica provided exercises that stretched my thinking and challenged me to approach situations in a different way.

In addition, I learned that I was very good at “creating my own story” rather than taking a step back and reflect on all possible scenarios which gave me a better perspective and more objective mindset.”


“Thank you Jessica for providing this experience. While the topics were not complicated, they were important and profound. And are not often discussed in a regular business day. I feel I now have more strategies and techniques to connect better with staff, with my family, and leadership. Thank you for allowing a safe space to be open with colleagues, an opportunity to get to know each other better, and to explore life skills that take patience, time, and intentional work. Of all things, I feel I have become a better listener – a skill that is SO important in all that we do with our staff, our boards, our donors, our leaders, and our families. Thank you!

Connecting with colleagues on a deeper level, receiving the one-to-one coaching, confronting things in my life that haven’t been working and having breakthroughs, focusing on my person development at the “soul” level, EVERYTHING!!”


“The Shuck Your Heart Out program came to me in a time in my personal and professional life when I needed it most. While I already knew most of the content or had learned at some point in time since I dedicated my life to growth and transformation, it brought it all together for me and I now have a resource tool that I can use all in one place.

I love everything about Leading with Love. Building this culture comes from the top by us actually doing it, not just talking about it.

On-going opportunities to regroup, discuss, get coaching etc. is probably the most important thing we can do as a management team in order to support our teams and lead the YMCA and community with love. Thank you!”