Raising Your Spirits This Halloween

Political views aside, this is a big week for all of us.  With fear so pervasive it will be important for you to be intentional about keeping your spirits high.  Why?
Albert Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”  If you allow yourself to drop in to a place of fear, you will be less likely to see the possibilities.  You might be part of the problem rather than the solution.
It is easy to get sucked in to other people’s emotions and drama.  This week especially, I invite you to try some of these techniques to raise your spirits.  When you do, it will be much easier to lift those around you too. 

  1. Look for the Good – We find what we are looking for.  If you are looking for all the problems that is what you will see.  If you focus on what is working that is what you will find.  It’s your choice.
  2. Cancel the Cancel Culture – We can be fast to write off people who have opposing views from us.  I invite you to slow down to truly hear what the other person is saying.  Be open.  Look for the alignment.  You may have shared goals and just see the paths differently.  Or, maybe you start to see a new place to go with an open mind.  Remember, you already know how you think.  The only way to expand your thinking is being open to new ideas.
  3. Spread Love – Think of ways you can spread love whether it be tipping your barista a little more, leaving a note of appreciation at a neighbor’s door, or picking up some garbage on your walk.  When you serve the world you will naturally feel better.
  4. Turn Off the News – We are what we consume.  If you find yourself feeling tense watching the news just take a break and turn it off.  I promise that when you turn it back on again you will get everything you need to know.  In fact, I have not turned on the news for myself in over 10 years and I somehow get everything I need to know when I need to know it. (NOTE: my partner does have it on sometimes and I choose to tune it out.)   
  5. Be Human – Humankind literally has the word “kind” in it yet I feel like it is so often lost.  Remind yourself to be kind this week to others AND to yourself.  
  6. Self Care – Do what you need to do to take care of you and then you can help others even more.
  7. Meet People at their Fears – Rather than combating someone’s fear or jumping in to their story of fear, meet them where they are at.  Listen deeply.  What is it they are truly afraid of?  Help them see the possibility of love and see what happens.
  8. Get in Nature – Nature has healing properties.  If things start to feel like too much just go outside.  Touch the earth.  Let it heal you.  Let it ground you.  Let it support you.
  9. Remember it is Temporary – No matter what you are experiencing in life it will change.  If it feels like too much just remember this too shall pass.  
  10. LAUGH!!!  Yes!  That is me dressing up as a pearl diver for Halloween.  

Tell me what you do to keep your spirits high!