Pepperoni Pizza Is All I Wanted (Or So I Thought)!

I just wanted to be able to say I would like pepperoni pizza for dinner.  
I wish I was joking.  In 2013, I literally wanted to be able to tell someone what I wanted for dinner.  On the surface it seemed relatively simple.  Deep dish, I mean deep down, much more was happening.  I myself wanted to know what I even wanted for dinner.  I had spent my entire life trying to make other people happy.  There is absolutely some beauty in that.  The problem is, through the process, I lost my voice.  It was time to find my voice and then use it!
It was a grueling few years breaking through old patterns and limiting beliefs to finally ask for what I wanted – pepperoni pizza!  There were trials and tears.  There was confusion and compassion.  I had to move from a place of fear to one of love (which is what I teach with shucking today).  All of this for using my voice for a piece of pizza!!!
Little did I know what the world had in store for me next.  In 2015, I was published in Huffington Post (a surreal story I will share at another time), then Inc., and then Thrive.  Then I was getting featured in Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, and so forth.  People were actually asking to hear my voice.  This was so far out of my comprehension that I just had to chalk it up to a cosmic joke.  Until it kept happening.  
Now, here we are.  TODAY I am launching my first book!!!  (Yes, first book. There are 3 half-written and a few more in my heart.)  
Am I nervous?  Abso-shucking-lutely!  It is scary as shell to put myself out there.  And, I did it.  It is here for me – and, for all of you.
I needed to find my voice to speak my truth.  I needed to find my voice so I could serve all of you.  I needed to find my voice to model it for those who are still looking for theirs.
What is it you want or need right now?  Perhaps there is already something you are going for?
Whatever it is for you, go for it!  I had no idea when I was searching for my voice that I would actually write a book.  A book!!!  I still can’t believe it.  It was a dream I didn’t even know I had until I was able to work through my fears.  And now, seeing my niece and nephew holding my book, is something I will treasure forever!!!
My hope is that the book, Shuck This Way, helps you in finding your voice, or whatever else will support you, to live your dreams too. 
And, next time we have dinner, after the oysters, let’s order the pepperoni pizza!

P.S. As an independent author, I would LOVE if you were so inspired to write a review if you do get the book.  I would be so grateful as it helps me tremendously in my mission to shuck the world!!!