Overcome People Pleasing

I am a recovering people pleaser. It was so bad that I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore because I was so worried about making sure everyone else was happy.

THE RESULT? The people I was trying to make happy were just the same amount of happiness whether or not I did or didn’t do a thing.

WHY? Their happiness has absolutely nothing to do with me. Their happiness is only something they can choose.

You CANNOT make people happy. If you could, I know you would with your heart of gold. I know you would make everyone around happy every day of their life…if it was possible.

Even worse, sometimes people pleasers will forego their desires and ultimately end up unhappy themselves.

Talk about a waste of energy. The effort a people pleaser puts in could actually have a NEGATIVE EFFECT.

The solution? STOP IT. Stop trying to make others happy. Stop living a life for other people. START living a life that is in alignment with your heart. The life YOU are meant to be living.

Have you been people pleasing so long you don’t even know where to start doing something for yourself?

Here is one little secret for you…Often, we do for others that we want for ourselves.

Are you trying to help out around the house to let your partner have more time to rest? Maybe you need to find ways to get more sleep for yourself.

Are you making healthy meals for your best friend? Maybe you need to start nourishing your body with new food choices.

Are you holding plans with someone out of obligation even though you don’t want to go? Maybe you need to make plans to do something that you want to do.

Try doing something for yourself TODAY and let me know how it goes.

There is even MORE for you!!! If you want to know the 3 TOP REASONS people are holding themselves back from living their best life (you guessed it – people pleasing is one of them) then watch my latest YouTube video here.