There are many different flavors of failure…

We fail because we are ahead of our time.  We try something that the world is just not ready for, yet. 

We fail because we did not have everything we needed (alignment in an organization, financial resources, the right skillset, etc.) to make it happen.

We fail because our goals changed.

We fail because we unconsciously sabotage our success because we are afraid to be seen or don’t feel worthy of winning.

Can you see the similarity in all of these failures?

(No peeking until you truly guess!)

The similarity with all of these failures is that action is involved. 

Not all failure is created equally.  When I try for something and things don’t work out, it is a lot easier than if I don’t.  While these types of failure are not necessarily fun, it is the failure where I have abandoned myself, my priorities, or my dreams – and never even tried – that hurt the most. 

One particular failure will stick with me forever. 

I did not go to one of my dearest friends’ wedding in Romania. 

At the time, I was in a relationship at the time and he was not going to make the effort to go with me.  This created some dynamics in which I chose not to go either more for my partner than me.  I wish I could say my partner pushed me in that direction.  He didn’t.  I made the choice myself.  I abandoned my own desires all on my own for someone else.  I missed such a special occasion and can never change that choice. 

Failure happens.  Make sure it is not because you didn’t even try.

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