MORE goals is NOT the goal!!!

Goals, goals, goals…and MORE goals!

Does this give you as much anxiety as it gives me?

Everywhere I look, I see this messaging right now and it pains me.

Maybe you are thinking “Wait, you are a life coach. Don’t you help people reach their goals?”.

The short answer is yes. I support people in reaching their goals all the time.

However, MORE goals is NOT the way to get there.

It is the RIGHT goal(s) that matter.

Are you really going for what YOU want?

I invite you to take some time to go within and see what your heart is craving. Be honest with yourself.

Are you living the life of your dreams? Or, are you living the life you think people want you to live?

Perhaps what was important before is no longer important now. You have changed and what matters changes with you. Perhaps you have a new dream?

Or maybe, just maybe, you need to have less goals. Our society is all about MORE, MORE, MORE. Maybe LESS is actually MORE?

Anything is okay. What is important is continually checking in with yourself to make sure you following the only compass that matters – your heart.

Will you let me know what goal is in your heart? Or, if you need help uncovering it let me know. I am happy to help.

In my next Pearls of Wisdom newsletters, I will show you even more about setting the right goals for you and a very simple way to create success with the goal(s) you do have.

P.S. Below is the interview I did with the marvelous Mary Burt-Godwin earlier this year where the picture is from. Being on a show was not necessarily a goal, but I went with the flow and here we go!!!