Make Your ME Dream A WE Dream!

My secret goal for my book was 1000 copies.  It felt so big and scary that I didn’t even tell a soul.  Not one person.  Not even myself.
Wait, what?  You might be thinking how could she not even know her own dream?  It happened.  
I didn’t actually realize it was my goal until I got a book in the mail from a friend last week titled “Your First 1000 Copies”.  When I saw the title, I had all sorts of feelings.  It hit me.  I wanted to get 1000 copies of Shuck This Way in the world.  
A few months ago, a friend, and fellow author, told me his goal was 1000 books.  My stomach dropped when he said it.  Not for him.  I believed he could do it.  For me.  How could possibly get 1000 copies in the world?­­
That is where I was wrong.  It was not about me getting 1000 copies in the world.  There is no possible way I could have ever do it on my own.  No wonder I was afraid.  When we think that way, of course our dreams seem impossible.  
I call it the myth of solo success.  Many people fall in to the trap of thinking we are doing things on our own.  This way of thinking can be paralyzing.  Where does one even start if you have to do everything?
When we change our thinking, it makes the impossible seem possible.  
It is not a ME dream.  It is a WE dream. 
One of my dear friends is working on prison reform.  Talk about something that seems impossible!!!  She knows she can’t do it all on her own.  She does two things 1) she does what she can and 2) she inspires others to join her in her mission knowing she needs help if she really wants to create change. 
What is your dream right now?
How could you change your perspective to make it seem possible?  
Who and what is already helping you with your dream?
Where could you ask for more help?
I have to report did not get 1000 copies of my book in the world.  WE did!!!  
As of today, over 1300 people are learning how to shuck!!!  My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude for each of you supporting me in my mission to shuck the world!!!  
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  Without your help of getting the book and spreading the word this would have never happened.  
So many others to thank too!!!  From my niece and nephew who remind why I want the world to be better…to my teachers who helped me to learn how to live with love…to my designer Stacey who brings my ideas to life…to my incredible IT team that made my website…to the people who are printing and delivering the book…to Steve celebrating every step of the way with me and the list goes on!  
A special thank you to my parents who support me with every dream whether they like them or not (traveling solo around the world, turning down jobs in a recession to go volunteer, and so many more!!!).  Had they known my dream was to get 1000 copies in the world, I know they (and Steve) would have bought them all on day one.
Be that dream supporter for your loved ones.  Be that dream supporter for yourself.  
And, always remember, there is more support around you than you’ll ever know.  You just need to look for it to make your dream a reality!!!  Make a ME dream a WE dream!