I Never Wanted To Be A Life Coach

Let me ask you: what do you think of life coaches?
I never wanted to be a life coach.  It’s not because I don’t like life coaches.  I do.  Life coaches can truly help people change their lives.  And, life coaching is what I do, kind of.  
I never wanted to be a life coach because it is a label.  When you have a label, like a life coach, there is a preconceived notion of what someone, or something, is based on the other person’s experience.  When I started life coaching I knew a label could never fully express who I am or what I do.  
That is how Life Shucker came about.  Instead of being a life coach I wanted to define who I was and what I did on my terms.  So, I decided I would SHUCK people.  Yep, I help people crack their shells wide open through love to let their pearls shine even more.  And, it is pearl-fect for me!  
Another incredible part is that I get to define who I am with you.  By introducing something entirely new I get to create it with you.  Sure, biases will still come in to play and that’s okay.  I just love that we have more of a blank slate to start with.
The other side of labels is that someone may miss opportunities based on their biases of said label.  Just think if someone has a bad experience with a life coach.  They may never work with a life coach again.  Or, even worse, they base their opinion on someone else’s and say no before ever giving it a chance!!!  
Think of how many labels there are in the world and how it influences you on a daily basis.  Some labels you give yourself.  Some labels you give to other.  Some labels are given to you. 
Sure, labels can help give us context.  It is important that we don’t let them define us or other people.  We are all better than any label could ever capture.
So am I a life coach?  It all depends on how you define it!!!  I am definitely one badass mother shucker though!!!

I’d love to hear from you and read every reply.  What labels do you see holding you back?  What labels do you use that may hold others back? 

With grit and grace,