I messed up.

I booked my flight for Wednesday morning of Thanksgiving week. The WEDNESDAY of Thanksgiving week!!! Where lines will be wrapped around the world, stress will be at an all-time high, and people will be in the TSA line not knowing what to do with their phone since they never travel. Ugh.

This is a rookie mistake. As an avid traveler and one who thinks outside of the box, I ALWAYS go against the grain to make my life easier and better.

When everyone goes left to the rental car line, I go right. This approach to life has saved me HOURS, if not YEARS, of my life waiting in lines. When everyone stops at the most popular beach spot, Todd and I drive 15 minutes more to get a beach all to ourselves. This approach to life has given me experiences unlike any other.

I know stress can make me (and others) act like turkeys. The key is much of our stress is created by our own choices. This is GOOD NEWS! If we create our stress, we can also reduce our stress.

So, what will I do tomorrow so I don’t act like a turkey?


Leave extra early so the lines are not a problem.


Bring headphones for to listen to my favorite podcast to drown out the noise.


Thank the TSA team (and be thankful I don’t have to do what they do. Talk about a hard job!)


Be thankful I GET to travel to see my family (even if it is on one of the busiest travel days of the year).


We all have choices. We can choose to add to the stress. Or, we can find ways to reduce our stress, especially during the holiday season.

Did I mention that if all else fails, just breathe?

Don’t be a turkey.

A special note of gratitude for all of you being in my life! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!