Pearls of wisdom


Hellooooo, you sparkly pearl!
Have you ever felt like everyone’s judging you?
Do you wish you could find someone who wasn’t so judgmental?
Or, maybe, it’s you? Maybe you could be less judgmental of yourself and others?
Well, me too.

It’s happening!!! I am thrilled (and totally nervous) to share with you that I have a film, Cracked, coming out later this year!!! YES! A film!!!

Cracked is a short documentary about my journey finding love and acceptance of my father through the trauma caused by his experience with schizophrenia.

To the child I never had,
There are moments that I am heartbroken that I never got to meet you. I sometimes think about what a phenomenal mother I would have been mostly because I had such a magnificent mother’s footsteps to follow.

My mother taught me to see the world with curiosity leading me to a life devoted to learning everything I possibly can.

I have spent years learning how to live life at an energy level and it has been a game changer.

Have you ever eaten something and then become cranky?
Have you ever sat by the ocean and felt your worries wash away?
Have you ever looked at money as an exchange of energy in the form of gratitude?
Have you ever felt your body react when a storm rolls through?
Have you ever felt uplifted after talking with someone?
These are all different ways we experience energy in this mysteriously magical world.

Ugh. I can’t believe I am saying this out loud. I am doing the Daily 50 Challenge with the brilliant Todd Smith, who is an expert in health and wellness (and also happens to be my partner) for the month of February.

There. I said it.

While I have an unwavering commitment to my health, it is still hard for me to commit to something like this for an entire month. Maybe it is my free spirit. Maybe it is my fear of failure. Maybe it is something else I don’t even know yet.

This is not your typical e-mail about setting goals for the new year. This is about setting the right goals – or, as I like to call them, SOUL GOALS.

Let me explain.

A beautiful pearl came to explore coaching with me who was not really sparkling. I could see she was stuck in her shell and she thought money was her way out.

Holidays, okay life, can be stressful. This is why I suggest you do the following:

• Return your kids to Amazon – I hear returns are easy if you just drop them at Whole Foods these days
• Close your bedroom door, binge on Netflix, and put a sign on it that says “Do NOT open until January 1st” (You can choose which year)
• Do a solo trip to Fiji (I can’t help you if you are actually the problem you are trying to escape from)

A lack of community is worse than smoking two packs of cigarettes a day! Can you believe it?

It can be hard making friends and being in community.

It takes courage to meet new people. It takes time to foster friendships. You have to, yes, get out of your shell 😬

My parents have always modeled generosity. They have hosted charity dinners for teens in need, made blankets and mittens to keep people warm in the freezing winters of Minnesota, given food baskets to foster families, shopped local to support the community, and soooooo much more. In fact, if you know Marlys and Jim, you are likely the recipient of one of their acts of kindness.

MY brilliant idea…or not.

1o+ years ago I asked my super brilliant robotic minded friend to design a system that would blend a concentrated cleaning solution (like laundry soap, shampoo, etc.) with water at Starbucks. You’d walk in to a Starbucks and fill your glass jar with whatever liquid solution you needed and pay by weight. Think of soda machines, but for cleaning solutions for your home.

Do you have a dream yet are scared to even start?

Perhaps you don’t feel like you have time. Perhaps you think you might fail. Perhaps your dream even seems impossible.

The key is to just start. Start by setting a goal sooooo small that you CANNOT fail.

Burning Man is coming to a close after wet and wild week. Burning Man is an event where people build a city of mystery, radical self-expression, experiential art, community participation, freedom, and more for a week every year in the desert of Nevada. It is really remarkable. You can get a little taste of it from Todd’s Surreal Cycling video…

Last week was hard.

On Monday, I was reveling in the highest of highs having kicked off my first ever Deep Thinkers Retreat.  It was everything I dreamed of and MORE! 

I am a recovering people pleaser. It was so bad that I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore because I was so worried about making sure everyone else was happy.

THE RESULT? The people I was trying to make happy were just the same amount of happiness whether or not I did or didn’t do a thing.

Do you ever find yourself living in the land of disappointment? That feeling of wishing something were different, but…it’s not?

I do! I want to believe that anything is possible for everyone.

Did you know we naturally choose paths that are familiar to us (even if they are not ideal)?

Did you also know that if something is in our imagination it can still feel real making it familiar to us?

I am serious. Proceed with caution. Do NOT read further if you want to be a failure. That’s right. I said want to be a failure. Does the phrase “I fail at everything!” sound familiar?

Goals, goals, goals…and MORE goals! Does this give you as much anxiety as it gives me? Everywhere I look, I see this messaging right now and it pains me. Maybe you are thinking “Wait, you are a life coach. Don’t you help people reach their goals?”