Doing the Daily 50 in Costa Rica!!!

Ugh. I can’t believe I am saying this out loud. I am doing the Daily 50 Challenge with the brilliant Todd Smith, who is an expert in health and wellness (and also happens to be my partner) for the month of February.

There. I said it.

While I have an unwavering commitment to my health, it is still hard for me to commit to something like this for an entire month. Maybe it is my free spirit. Maybe it is my fear of failure. Maybe it is something else I don’t even know yet.

Now, I want to…no, have to…do it and need your help.

Will you be on my Accountability Team for the Daily 50 Challenge?

The Daily 50 Challenge is a set of exercises to hit all the major muscle groups for beginners to pro athletes that will take about 20 minutes every day. All you have to do is modify it for what’s best for you (think doing the pushups on your knees for starters or going for speed for those who are super strong already). What I love is you can do it anywhere since there is no equipment required.

To keep myself, and maybe even YOU?, accountable, I am creating a group of shuckers to do this with for the month of February. We will help each other stay on track and have some fun while doing it!


  • Beginners to pro athletes who want to commit to a healthy routine for February
  • Your friends and family are welcome too! Just send them this e-mail


  • WhatsApp group for daily check-ins
  • Weekly 60 min group coaching calls (Wednesdays at 4pm PT starting on January 31st for the kickoff through February 28th)
  • Direct access to Todd’s expertise and knowledge in all things for a healthy body, mind, and soul
  • Celebrating our successes with each other
  • Lots of laughs!!!


  • A community of shuckers to connect with in a new way
  • Making yourself and your body a priority
  • Accountability with other sparkly souls
  • A stronger and healthier YOU

COST: The group coaching and check-ins are totally FREE! All you have to do is buy the app for $9.99 here.

To join, download the app (link below) and e-mail me at preferably by Wednesday, January 31st. I will send the zoom link for our group coaching calls and all other details via e-mail. (NOTE: You can absolutely join a few days late just in case you don’t see this note in time.)

I sooooo hope you’ll join my Accountability Team for the Daily 50 Challenge!!! Please feel free to invite anyone else too. The more, the merrier for me!!!